Safety concerns and General Tips when traveling to Peru (Video

Safety concerns and General Tips when traveling to Peru (Video

Traveling abroad for the first time, especially when it’s to a developing country can be a bit scary. In this video I try my best to explain why people might fear traveling to certain countries,what some common crimes in Peru are, some general tips you can take into account to reduce your risk while visiting Peru and I share my experiences and the experiences of some people I know.

I know that some or a lot of these are common sense but I really hope this video proves to be useful to you and I’m sorry it’s incredibly long 😛 I never thought I’d have a video this long….EVER!!

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4. My own common sense 🙂

Special thanks to my friend Suz who really pushed me to get back on the horse with these videos! I know I’m not looking my best but it was a “it’s now or never” moment for me 😛

Another special thanks to the friends who shared their experiences with me so I could share them with you. I totally forgot to say that in the video so THANK YOU FRIENDS!!! You know who you are 🙂

Thanks for watching once again!

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