Ecuador Traveling Tips December 2020 Travel Adventure in a Pandemic

Ecuador Traveling Tips December 2020 Travel Adventure in a Pandemic

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Traveling during a global pandemic can present challenges and opportunities. This video strives to provide travel tips for the new reality as 2020 is winding down. This endless summer is unlike those of recent years with the new covid-19 measures and rules. However life in Ecuador feels more normal than the USA. Entry to Ecuador currently requires a negative PCR test and a form detailing your travel plans for the next 21 days.

I traveled directly to Otavalo from the airport rather than visit the big city of Quito. This both saved money on lodging and made for potentially less exposure to the virus. Air pollution is another problem in Quito. Otavalo has much better air quality. I chose to stay at the Flying Donkey Hostal again while adjusting to the altitude. This trip I opted for taxis over taking buses. Primarily to reduce covid risks but also more expedient.

The taxi from the airport to Otavalo cost $45. A taxi from Otavalo to Banos de Agua Santa cost $130. In the past a price of $90 – $110 would have been more reasonable. Seems taxi companies are charging about $120 currently. I got gringo-ed just a little.

Meals can me as cheap as $2.50 for breakfast and lunch with supper often $6. Shopping for your own food is much more economical. Like anywhere you can spend more. I prefer renting an apartment for keeping costs down. The added privacy is nice too.

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